बुधवार, 23 दिसंबर 2009

Stress Management-तनाव से मुक्ति के उपाय

At a time, when companies are leaving no stone unturned to ride the economic storm, managing workplace stress has become a crucial issue that needs to be addressed According to a global survey conducted by Regus, an office workplace solutions provider, 58 per cent of companies worldwide have experienced an appreciable rise in workplace stress over the last two years. The survey found that Indian workers experienced a slightly lower level of stress than their international counterparts, with 57 per cent reporting that their stress levels have grown higher or much higher over the past two years. The survey confirmed that 45 per cent of Indian workers are particularly stressed by the increased focus on profitability that has arisen during the recession. Company size has also had an influence on the increased level of stress experienced in recent years. Sector variations on a global level were also apparent throughout the survey, with workers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry reporting the greatest increase in stress (65 per cent), while retail showed the least growth in stress (52 per cent). Kishore Velankar, HR- head, YOU Broadband & Cable India Pvt Ltd. feels that any change brings some amount of stress in an individual /employee. The slowdown did have an impact on the stress levels of employees, says Velankar . He further adds, Stress during a slowdown is primarily career/employment related. With performance being a major factor for retention, people who were on the edge felt it more. In a sensitive situation, employees feel the need for regular assurances. Organisations need to be wary of this and communicate in the right way at the right time. Employees are often faced with problems due to stress: work productivity can be seriously impaired , motivation levels may be damaged and conflict between colleagues can undermine professionalism . So, how are organisations helping employees cope up with the increasing stress levels at the workplace Sandyp Bhattacharya , VP-HR , Comviva Technologies feels that communication is the key to overcome stress. Decisive communication, transparency and openness in matters related to stress help subside many issues. One of our key communication forums is ComShare which is a town-hall quarterly meeting held at each of our key locations. We also hold business unit or group level meetings , ComConnect , where employees in a team get together to review business performance and objectives and also talk on any matters that they face at the workplace , says Bhattacharya. We have Heart to Heart sessions where each employee and their direct manager get together to have a chat on how things are going - and discuss issues related to employee development or employee concerns. Besides these, employees can request for skiplevel meetings with their managers manager or approach HR for any of their concerns. Proactively, we also organise stress management sessions and run a series of programs in collaboration with the Art of Living foundation, he adds. (TOI,23 dec.2009)

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