बुधवार, 23 दिसंबर 2009

Hangover?:Have wine-शराब उतारेगी खुमारी

(नई दुनिया,पटना,23 दिसम्बर,2009) In London,an Indian-origin nutritionist claims to have invented an alcoholic cocktail that could prevent festive hangovers by cleaning the bloodstream. The vodka-based cocktail contains a string of superfoods that cleans the system and ward off the effects of heavy drinking, the Times reported on Tuesday. This cocktail is about helping people have a good time without having to pay for it the following morning, Gurpareet Bains, British nutritional therapist, said. The Christmas spice-infused acai and pomegranate cocktail , which has an alcohol by volume rate of 40%, will still cause drunkenness , but its ingredients fight the symptoms of a hangover commonly a splitting headache, parched mouth and the overwhelming desire to vomit. Despite the health benefits, Bains said that only drinking in moderation would prevent a hangover. Alcohol, in any form, is bad for the body and its cells, he said. (TOI,23 dec,2009)

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