रविवार, 20 दिसंबर 2009

Government hospitals still the best

When Swine Flu first hit India, it was seen as a dreaded disease. The media blew it out of proportion and the public ran scared. The Health Minister went hoarse from one TV station to another trying to educate people that it was just another viral disease and the Government was adequately equipped to handle it. But, a hysterical public went looking to buy the necessary medications, just to hoard. For once it was proved that Government hospitals were much more accomplished to handle this crisis than private institutions who once again wanted to make a quick buck. Government doctors were able to manage the flu better because of clear cut central directives and procedures. All these events have driven me to one conclusion — how important is it to educate people and how education proves to be the major point to solve many of our problems. We must have an open mind to recognise the seriousness of the problem and the best way to solve it. Also, we must press upon the need to tackle the illness as soon as the symptoms appear. The poor are too busy trying to earn their livelihood, the rich can buy anything and the middle-class panic. They spread the scare, the doctors can’t make out how to tackle the phobia and then media exploits it. Even today, our best doctors are in Government hospitals. The best doctors for any disease, be it for the heart, lungs or any other organ, still come from Government institutions. Some of the best testing labs are in these old institutions. They are the cheapest and more reliable. Once again, the Government institutions proved to be much above the private labs. One private pathology even asked for an amount in five figures for the test that’s free in Government hospitals. And, of course, private hospitals believe in admitting the patient. The Health Ministry proved itself efficient by getting its act in order. The right advertisements and right approach has got everyone aware of the problem. But still, awareness and the need to not panic has to be spread. We need more Government institutions and the doctors who serve there should be highly paid. Private hospitals also cannot be ignored because even they are true to their profession, even though their hunger for money at times gets too much to ignore. (Devi Cherian,The Pioneer,20 Dec,2009)लोगो विकीपीडिया से साभार

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